Jon Allen – Dead Mans Suit chords

Standard tuning: EADGBE
Capo: 2nd

This is my first tab but it's pretty much perfect. I've just seen Jon Allen play in a 
venue called Cluny2 in Newcastle (25/09/09), there was only about 40 people there!

He played with the capo on 4th live but it's on 2nd for the album.

Intro and Verse:

Am       F       D      F

x        1       x      1
0        3       x      3
2        3       0      3
2        2       2      2
1        1       3      1
0        1       2      1

repeat throughout except for one variation:

The last 'F' is replaced with an 'Em' a couple of times in each verse (you'll hear it)

it's tricky to keep swapping your hand round but before giving up, try a normal 'F' 
but don't play the high e string.

Hope you like it, now if i could only work out 'going home'! i know only that it's 
in DADGAD if that helps!

Pete Harbottle
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