Dead Man Walking chords with lyrics by Jon Bellion - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jon Bellion – Dead Man Walking chords

Standard Tuning (EADGBE)
Capo 2

You know, maybe I'm drunk, maybe I'm not
Maybe this happened, maybe it didn't

DCall my doctor, call my lawyer
CCall my brother, call my priest
GThere's paperwork to fill out
D'Cause a dead man walks the streets
D'Cause my sister has a best friend
CThat I've known since I was three
GAnd now I'm gon' get strangled
D'Cause we tangled in the sheets
D CMy homies like "dead man, dead man walking"
G DMy homies like "You a dead man, dead man walking"
(The song follows this basic chord progression) Beautiful family friend is she Almost a decade older than me And I've been gone for quite a while overseas And she's been living up in Albany Then I had two shows I played upstate She came to show love and see my face Then we had drinks and we chilled like hey And then from there it was, you know... (Chorus) And she's like damn, how did we let this happen Damn, how did we end up in this bed Then, I said relax and laughed like This would be a pretty dope song She's like no, I swear to God, I'll kill you No, I really will just take your life Oh, don't even think about it But that would be a pretty dope song So I came home and I called my friends Then we got smacked and I wrote this jam I know for a fact that we gon'... (laughs) It's over, my life is over (Chorus) It's probably not perfect, but it's the best I could do. Comment above!
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