Jon Brion - I Heart Huckabees Theme tab

I love this song...
This is the music from the opening scene of the movie I Heart Huckabees.

There are some bells that start out the song...wierd bells.

Riff A

Dm F Bbe ---------------------------------6-5-----------------|B -------------------------------------6---------------|G -----2-0-2-----0---0-----0---0---3-2-----------------|D ---0---------3---3---------3---------3---------------|A -----------------------1-----------------------------|E ---10--------1---------6-----------------------------|
The bass notes are written on the low E string. If you're playing with one guitar not really practical to hit, and if you've got two guitars I suggest playing the chords. this Riff 3 times, then go to Riff B. Riff B
F G Bb Ce -----------------------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------------------|G ---2----0-2--5--4--0--2----0-2--0--------------------|D -----------------------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------------|
This riff plays twice through normally, and then twice more through with the high bells over the top of it. Then on to Riff C. Riff C
F Bb F Bb F Bb Dm Ge --------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------|G ----2-0-2---0-------2-0-2---0-------2-0-2---0-------0-3-------|D --------------3-0-------------3-0-------------3-0-------3-2---|A --------------------------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------------|
This part plays through three times, each time it adds some parts and instruments...Here some other parts I heard...I think I got most of them. The parts below line up with parts above...
e -3-1---------------------------------------------------------|B -----3-1------------------------------------------------2-0--|G ---------2----------0-2-------------0-2-------------0-3------|D ----------------0-3-------------0-3---------------------3-2--|A -------------------------------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------------------------------|
There are all of the parts. The song goes on to repeat Riff A six more times before it does it ever really end? I don't think so. At some point in the closing of the song, is a straight walkdown from a D to an A# on some instrument that you can throw in... This sounds pretty cool with two guitars. Here's the full score order and some chords. Intro Riff A x 3 Dm F Bb x3 Riff B x 4 F G Bb C x4 Riff C x 6 F Bb F Bb F Bb Dm G x6 Riff A x 6 Dm F Bb x6 Questions, Comments, or Corrections, you can find me at Rock on, my brothers and sisters.
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