House Of God Forever tab with lyrics by Jon Foreman - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jon Foreman – House Of God Forever tab

House Of God, Forever - Jon Foreman
Tabbed by: Jason Wang

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 5th fret

Verse 1 (Just repeat G and C)

         G                     C

e|-------3--3------------------3--3----------------------------|B|-------3--3------------------3--3----------------------------|G|-------0--2p0----------------0--2p0--------------------------|D|-------0--0------strum-------0--0------strum and repeat------|A|-------0--0---------------3--3--3----------------------------|E|----3--3--3--------------------------------------------------|
God is my shepherd I won't be wanting I won't be wanting He makes me rest In fields of green With quiet streams Even though I walk Through the valley Of death and dying I will not fear 'Cause you are with me You are with me Verse 2 (Repeat D and C until you get to "Follow me", when you play Em, C, and finally G) D C
e|-------3---------------------3-------------------------------|B|-------3---------------------3-------------------------------|G|-------2---------------------0-------------------------------|D|----0--0---------strum-------2---------strum and repeat------|A|--------------------------3--3-------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Your shepherd staff Comforts me You are my feast In the presence of enemy Surely goodness Em Follow me C Follow me G In the house of God, forever Here's Em (C and G are the same as before):
Repeat both Verses
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