Jon Foreman – War In My Blood tab

War in My Blood – Jon Foreman (and Sean Watkins)


This is my first tab I’ve ever done, seems like about time that I actually contributed
=) . I tabbed this by what it looks like and sounds like Jon is playing. I’m pretty sure
is really close to what Jon plays.  He uses CAPO 2.  As you have probably already 
the numbers for frets are in relation to the capo.

I’m calling the intro the MAIN PART because it’s used so frequently in the song,
you see (MAIN PART) that means this is being played. You’re probably going to have to 
song to get the rhythm of it.

If you can get this part, you can play like half the song. The verse uses these chords but Jon fingerpicks them.
I have a girl she tastes like rain on my tonguee|-(0)----------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1-----------------3-----------5--3--------------------------------|G|--2-----------------4-----------4--4-------(MAIN PART)--------------|D|--3-----------------5-----------5--5--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
She’s got the moon in her hips and her eyes burn up like the sune|-(0)----------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1-----------------3-----------5--3--------------------------------|G|--2-----------------4-----------4--4-------(MAIN PART)--------------|D|--3-----------------5-----------5--5--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus 1(Jon does not usually strum but instead fingerpicks the chords)
Am Em F CI'm gone from my girl when I leave her alone e|--x--| B|--3--| F C G (Then play this chord G|--0--|There ain’t nothing that I’m running from D|--3--| A|--x--| F G E|--3--|There’s war in my blood
F G (MAIN PART) I've still got wars to be won Verse 2 repeats the same guitar “licks” as before My baby’s soft and sweet Somewhere between a flower and a gun And where my girl is now Someday that's where I want to be from Chorus 2 is slightly different at one part
Am Em F CBut love is a dollar that's already spent F C GLove is a song that's been sunge|------------------------(x)----(x)--------------------|B|------------------------(3)----(3)slide(5)—(3)-(1)-(0)|G|------------------------(0)----(0)-----(0)—(0)--------|D|------------------------(0)----(3)--------------------|A|------------------------(x)----(x)--------------------|E|------------------------(3)----(3)--------------------|
F G There's war in my blood F G (MAIN PART) Love ain't the tune in my lungs Bridge (Finally something easy!) =) E F So here's my consolation C Am The opponent is enough E F It takes two to go to war G C And only one to fall in love Verse 3 uses guitar identical to 1 and 2 I had a girl I know precisely what made her run Her skin looked like the sky Made my heart beat itself like a drum Am Em I long for my girl F C When I meet her in my dreams F C Em E I tell her she'll always be my only one F G But there's war in my blood F G (MAIN PART) There ain't a thing love could have done F G There's war in my blood F G There's war in my blood F G There's war in my blood F G (MAIN PART)x2 There's war in my bl-uh-ah-uh-d Ends on C Such a great/fun song to play on acoustic guitar! Comments and ratings encouraged, Enjoy!
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