Jon Foreman - I Am Still Running tab

Artist: Jon Foreman
Song: I Am Still Running
Album: Fall And Winter (LowerCase People/Credential) (2008)
Written by: Jon Foreman
Tabbed by: José D. Montenegro M.
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)


For the first part you can play the regular C position [-32010] but 2 frets left, and for the second I put my index on 6th string and 3rd fret, middle on 2nd string and 3rd fret, ring on 4th string and 4th fret. Try and find your more comfort position to change the chords fast. This is really most of the song. In the chorus, the part where he sings "inside your open scars" it goes like:
o-pen scars… -> go back to the arpeggioe|------------------------|-------------------|B|---------3-------3------|----2-------2------|G|-----------0-------0----|------2-------2----|D|-------------2-------2--|--------2-------2--|A|------------------------|--0-------0--------|E|--3-2-0--------0--------|-------------------|
I know this isn't complete and doesn't have the other guitar riffs, but… this is with my heart, actually with both of my hands, "Equally Skilled " hey, I'm just hoping my tab to be helpful for all of you, I hope to see you in Heaven… The Latino say bye from Guatemala… God bl3s5 U
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