Jon Foreman – Learnin How To Die tab

"Learning How to Die" by Jon Foreman
From the EP "Winter", composed by Jon Foreman
Tablature by Jose Montenegro []

Well, I submitted my tab about 6 months ago
Now I saw that it got a lot of mistakes and confusing annotations
I wanna do it clearer this time, in this complete tab
Just let me try again now :(

^= strum down
v= strum up
X= mute note
h= hammer-on

* Ch0rd5: G Cadd9 A7sus Dsus D E5 E5/C E5/A Fadd9 C e|--3---3-----3------3-----2---0---0-----0-----3------0--| B|--3---3-----3------3-----3---5---5-----5-----1------1--| G|--0---0-----0------2-----2---4---4-----4-----2------0--| D|--0---x-----2------0-----0---2---2-----2-----3------2--| A|--x---3-----0--------------------3-----0------------3--| E|--3----------------------------------------------------|
Intro (x2): G Cadd9 A7sus Dsus D Dsus ^ v ^ v ^ ^ v ^ v ^ v v ^ e|-----3--3-3-3--|----3------|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--2-2-2h3--| B|-----3--3-3-3--|----3------|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3----| G|-----0--0-0-0--|----0------|-----0--0-0-0--|-----2--2-2-2----| D|-----0--0-0-0--|-----------|-----2--2-2-2--|--0--------------| A|---------------|--3---3-2--|--0------------|-----------------| E|--3------------|-----------|---------------|-----------------|
Verse: G Cadd9 A7sus Dsus D Dsus ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v v ^ e|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--2-2-2h3--| B|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3----| G|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----2--2-2-2----| D|-----0--0-0-0--|-----x--x-x-x--|-----2--2-2-2--|--0--------------| A|---------------|--3------------|--0------------|-----------------| E|--3------------|---------------|---------------|-----------------|
"I'm gonna miss you... I'm gonna miss you when..." Verse I: I'm gonna miss you, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone… [Repeat Intro] She says I love you, I'm gonna miss hearing your songs… [Repeat Intro] Pre-Chorus:
^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v e|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--| B|-----5--5-5-5--|-----5--5-5-5--|-----5--5-5-5--|-----5--5-5-5--| G|-----4--4-4-4--|-----4--4-4-4--|-----4--4-4-4--|-----4--4-4-4--| D|-----2--2-2-2--|-----2--2-2-2--|-----2--2-2-2--|-----2--2-2-2--| A|---------------|--3------------|--0------------|--3------------| E|--0------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| "Please..." "talk…" "end..." "talk..."
^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v e|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----3--3-3-3--| B|-----5--5-5-5--|-----5--5-5-5--|-----5--5-5-5--|-----3--3-3-3--| G|-----4--4-4-4--|-----4--4-4-4--|-----4--4-4-4--|-----2--2-2-2--| D|--2--2--2-2-2--|-----2--2-2-2--|-----2--2-2-2--|--0------------| A|---------------|--3------------|--0------------|---------------| E|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| "Every..." "thing…" "away..." "friend..."
B5/E B5/C B5/A I said "Please, don't talk about the end B5/C B5/E B5/C Don't talk about how every living thing goes away" B5/A Dsus She said "Friend…
Chorus: G A7sus Cadd9 Dsus ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v e|------3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--| B|------3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--| G|------0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----2--2-2-2--| D|----------------|-----2--2-2-2--|-----x--x-x-x--|--0------------| A|----------------|--0------------|--3------------|---------------| E|---3------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| "Along..." "learning..." "take..." "bend..."
G A7sus Cadd9 ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ ^ v e|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--3--3-3--| B|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----3--3-3-3--3--3-3--| G|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--|-----0--0-0-0--0--0-0--| D|---------------|-----2--2-2-2--|-----x--x-x-x--x--x-x--| A|---------------|--0------------|--3--------------------| E|--3------------|---------------|-----------------------| "break..." "live..." "cry..."
Dsus Fadd9 C ^ v ^ v ^ ^ ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v e|-----3--3-3-3--3--3--|-----3--3-3-3--|-----0--0-0-0--| B|-----3--3-3-3--3--3--|-----1--1-1-1--|-----1--1-1-1--| G|-----2--2-2-2--2--2--|-----2--2-2-2--|-----0--0-0-0--| D|--0------------------|--3------------|-----2--2-2-2--| A|---------------------|---------------|--3------------| E|---------------------|---------------|---------------| "I've..." "I've...learning..."
Now Repeat Intro x2 Verse Pre-chorus Chorus Outro (just like intro): G - Cadd9 - A7sus-D Die… G - C2 - A7sus Die… Dsus I've been learning how to die Fadd9 C G I've been learning how to… Sounds right to me but you rate if it's nice or not If you want some tab, send me the MP3, '' [Please include if you want a GuitarProTab, text tab or just chords.] Soon I'll post some GP tabs of Jon as solo and Switchfoot too. GOD bl3s5 u, sister or brother… j:053[d:]Mont3n3gro, the Guatemalan legend (not really). if you can't play the chord (--2450) just play (--2400) it's similar
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