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Jon Foreman – Just Rob Me chords

Just Rob Me


Chords Used (Relative to Capo):

B E F#e|--X---X---X---|B|--4---X---X---|G|--4---1---3---|D|--4---2---4---|A|--2---2---4---|E|--X---0---2---|
Intro: B Verse:
B EI met a pretty girl the next town over
F#Running like a river, thin and long
BOther than her dress
EShe looked mighty well depressed
B F# BSo I asked this little lady what was wrong
B EShe said, "All my life I've tried to be an outlaw
B F#I've tried to spit and chew and steal and rob
BBut I ain't no good at thieven'
ESo I might as well be leaven
B F# BI think I'm off and go get a job"
B EI told the pretty girl, "Don't be so foolish
B F#Don't be so quick to leave a life of crime
B See I'll be quick to call it
EYou can practice on my wallet
B F# BAnd that way if you're caught you won't do time"
F#Just rob me!
BJust rob me!
B F#A pretty face like yours don't come for free
BIf I can call you honey
EWell then you can take my money
B F#So darlin keep your gun
BAnd just rob me
Verse 2:
B EI see the girl again a few months later
B F#To see her with her gun was a relief
BI said, "Honey you've got attributes
ELike lace and lips and high heeled boots
B F# BBut dearie your just no good as a thief"
B EShe said, "Mister how do you know that I'm failin'
B F#I might have robbed twenty banks today"
BI looked into her eyes
EAnd said, "Miss, I'd be surprised,
B F# BYou're pointing that there gun the wrong way.
-Repeat Chorus- Bridge:
F# BMaybe every woman is an outlaw
F# BI'm pretty sure they're pretty thieves in black
F# F#They'll make you scream like smoke
F#And then they rob you broke
F# F# F#But I suppose don't mind being robbed like that
Verse 3:
B ESo my pretty thief and I started a family
B F#Yeah my outlaw's been given me inlaws
BShe kept her thievin art
E Sure as rain she stole my heart
B F# BBut she tells me it's for a worthy cause
-Repeat Chorus- End on B
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