Jon Foreman - Love Isnt Made chords

by Jon Foreman
Tabbed by: The Count of Monte Cristo
Tuning: Standard (Key of E)

The Intro and verse just goes back and forth between an E and an A chord.
It may prove useful to do this by just changing the root string... alike so...

E Ae|--0-- --0-- B|--5-- --5-- G|--4-- --4-- D|--2-- --2-- A|--X-- --0-- E|--0-- --X--
E A An hour ago, I felt so low I almost drowned
E A Driving around this messed up town.
E A It's pretty, it's only, I felt so lonely
(A)And I knew all night
EI'd never find a face that could understand
AHow much I miss you now.
The chords used in the rest of the song are... (Note: these are just suggested forms of the chords. Many of them are suspended or open simply for style).
E A C#m G/Ee|--0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- B|--0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- G|--4-- --2-- --9-- --4-- D|--2-- --2-- -11-- --5-- A|--2-- --0-- -11-- --5-- E|--0-- --X-- --X-- --3--
C#m And so I arrive at the conclusion
ALove isn't made; love doesn't sell or pay,
G/EBut we buy and sell our love away.
VERSE 2 (played same way as verse 1):
E Escape to the water and stare up at
AThe stars and moon and sky
EI was lying on my back
AWith my fingers in the sand.
E A Alone in Miami, it sounds so funny
(A) EAnd yet, here I am, It's funny how life
AIs seldom what you plan
CHORUS 2 (also played same was as verse 1):
E ADon't let the panic bring you down.
And there you are, friends. I believe, at this point, Bob is indeed your uncle. This is a great little tune and, please, do not disrespect it by playing it on the beach and/or barefoot. Let's go ahead and try to break the acoustic stereotype. Keep it real. Keep it classy. Conde
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