Jon Foreman – Your Love Is Strong chords

Hey, this is an easier way to play the song with out all the B5's and stuff that I 
can't really play. Chords are not all in the right location over the lyrics, but 
its pretty obvious where the chord transitions are. During the Chorus and Bridge 
you can play the C & D as they are tabbed below or just normally it just looks a 
little cooler how they are tabbed, but sounds almost identical both ways.

Jon Foreman-Your love is strong (capo 4)
G CHeavenly Father
Em CYou always amaze me
G CLet your kingdom come
Em CIn my world and in my life
G CYou give me the food I need
Em CTo live through the day
G CAnd forgive me as I forgive
Em CThe people that wronged me
Em CLead me far from temptation
Em C G C Em CDeliver me from the evil one
G CI look out the window
Em CThe birds are composing
G CNot a note is out of tune
Em COr out of place
G CI walk to the meadow
Em CAnd stare at the flowers
G CBetter dressed than any girl
Em COn her wedding day
Em CSo why should I worry?
Em CWhy do I freak out?
G CGod knows what I need
Em DYou know what I need
Chorus (3x):
Am7(002013)Your love is
G/B(020032)Your love is
C(032013) D(054035)Your love is strong
G CThe kingdom of the heavens
Em CIs now advancing
G CInvade my heart
Em CInvade this broken town
G CThe kingdom of the heavens
Em CIs buried treasure
G CWill you sell yourself
Em CTo buy the one you've found?
Em CTwo things you told me
Em CThat you are strong
G CAnd you love me
Em DYes, you love me
(Chorus 3x)
Am7Our God in heaven
G/BHallowed be
C DThy name above all names
Am7Your kingdom come
G/BYour will be done
C DOn earth as it is in heaven
Am7 G/BGive us today our daily bread
C DForgive us weary sinners
Am7 G/BKeep us far from our vices
C DAnd deliver us from these prisons
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