Jon Fratelli – Baby Were Refugees chords ver. 2

Left handed
Verse 1:
E E Well the red light fades and the sun won’t shine
E ETried to chase those ghosts from this heart of mine
A EAnd the red town lady said she’d take me cryin’
C#m ATake me down where the people carry roses
C#m A ETake me down where the street signs know me inside out
Verse 2: Well the cheap red wine is the kind I love the best Makes the days flash by in a magical mess And the red town lady let’s my soul confess Take me down with your money and your roses Take me down where the night comes crashing through the window Bridge:
A Look out boy!
E ATake the backseat and make them enjoy
EThe sound
AOf this hopeless mess
BSpend their Money
BWatch them undress
ETheir soul!
AIn a furious fire
ERound the tin can
ASmoke out the lyre
EAnd leave
AIn a jealous hurricane
B7They won’t forget your name!
E Carry me home, carry me home, carry me
B7 EWon’t somebody chase this pain from my door
Oh won’t you carry me home, carry me home, carry me, Won’t somebody chase this pain from my window ...
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