Jon Fratelli - Frisco Skyline chords

Hi! I really like this song and I noticed that there aren't any chords or
lyrics for it anywhere so I tried to do it myself. I'm not native english
speaker so i didn't quite get all the lyrics so I would very much appreciate
if you could post your versions up. Not sure about the chords either but
sounds just fine to me.

Jon Lawler (Fratelli) - Frisco Skyline

CLast night i had this dream
AmiI was a king and you was a queen
FI (???)
FHe came by in stolen (???)
F CHe said I'll meet you where the golden bridge
H/C Fpaints the frisco skyline ridge
And when my eyes adjusted to the neon flashing headlights I was shot down like a rebel soul in revolution country My dreams and foughts are broken by the lighting striking down Are you shot along the freeway playing jazz and singing big band like a ghetto system diamonds on the feed and on the wedding band no man (??) could touch you You were about thousand miles gone And the big ships' sound that wantings of your majesty are coming to (??) of the rich girl land shameless in the gutter When the clown waits an IT girl in high society ball By the subway station hall in hands and playing blackjack he was stealing cigarettes and singing songs about propaganda three millions miles above everybody down below And a cops were chasing robbers to ligimite clubs and sad streets see the darks of surrender and (??) museum well come and got busted as who all as I shot down And still I see this lady Changing guys with (??) with a sound of (??) John Coltrane and Woody Guthrie Tell it like it is to all the sailors on the bridge What a licence in the truism beck to lies before you know it and the guy with the shutter time he sais boss hope she dont blow it and children of democracy they all hit a bar and chain Some standing on the corner drinking gum and chewing coffee chanting things like (??) peace now with a queen before they shoot me And Im rolling on the waves doing that five cat race And then I'd waken up and I see how visions help me by the color of my eyes and the shirt upon my bag and I'm crossed out drinking frisco rum in the land of a free men
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