Jon Lajoie – In Different Ways chords ver. 2

Jon Lajoie - In Different Ways
A A7
AI can see it in your eyes girl
C#mThat you're in the mood for love
F#mSo I light some candles, pour some wine
D ECome sit down on the rug
ABut there's something I must tell you, babe
C#mBefore we take this step
F#mSomething about me girl
D EThat you do not know yet
A A7I have no penis
It was torn off
DIn a bicycle accident
AIn nineteen ninety nine
E I also lost one testicle
DSo all I have is a weird uni-ball
AAnd a rubber tube, between my legs
E ABut babe, I can love you in different ways
A A7
AI'll make love to you with the rubber tube
C#mThat I use for urinating
F#mI'll just tape to Popsicle sticks around it
D EMake it easier for penetrating
AAnd having only one ball
C#mIsn't always a bad thing
F#mIt's like a pool ball in a pillow case
D EIt's like a cherry on a sundae
'Cause girl
AI have no penis
A7I have no cock
DIf it looks like I have a ball
AJust 'cause I stuff it with a sock
EGirl, I know that you're afraid
DBut I promise, baby, if you stay
AThat I'll put a cucumber in the microwave
EAnd babe, I will love you in different...
AJust because I don't have cock
D AIt doesn't mean I can't rock
AJust because I don't have cock
A DIt doesn't mean I can't rock
D AO-o-oh yeah
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