Jon Lajoie – Fear Boner chords

Here's a great song from comedian Jon Lajoie, featured on FX's 'The League', He sings it 
with some backing vocals from Kevin in the episode 'The Tie'. Nice and fun, I've not 
tabbed the picking for the rest of the song, but I doubt it's hard to figure out.

Intro----0------------| -------------|-------1---------| -------------|---------0-------|X3 -------------|------------2----| -------------|--3--------------| ----3--------|-----------------| -------------|
F G C AmIt's hard to stay soft in a frightening world
F G CIt's easy to lose control
(Make sure you pick the G7, definitely won't work well if strummed)
G7 GTry to hide it but we all know
F GPete you've got a fear boner
C AmRaging in your pants
F GFear boner
C AmDo not be afraid
G7 F G CIn due time it will return, to its flacid state
I'd say it's about 93% right, definitely enough to play around with. Peace John Cammies
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