Jon Lajoie – Dropping E chords

Dropping E by Jon Lajoie

This is a live song by Jon Lajoie and is absolutely hilarious.  
A quick easy one to learn and be able to perform for friends and have them all laughing.  
To view the video that I got this tab from, go here.

All chords are played as Bar chords, strum everything and mute with your left hand.

DmPlease don't tell me you want me
please don't tell me you wanna touch me stop telling me you wanna get nasty stop telling me you wanna F me
Bb Astop trying cuz we're not gonna kiss
Bb Aput your clothes back on you're gonna regret this
Dm AIt was a bad idea for us to drop E together
Dm Aalone in a hotel room I should have known better
Dm APut your clothes back on
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