Jon Lajoie – Ghost Monkey chords

This is the song he sings as Taco on The League in season 2 episode 7 titled 
"Ghost Monkey". Enjoy. Watch the episode to get his strumming down, as there are a 
lot of mutes in there.

capo 7

EmGhost monkey, ghost monkey
AmCan you hear me?
EmAre you jerkin' off in heaven
AmOr are you in hell playin' with your feces?
EmYou suffered the most painful death of all
AmAnd you did not deserve it
EmDeath by Andre's shitty adult
AmContemporary music
C DForgive me, with your little dead ghost monkey heart
C DDon't want your little ghost monkey arms to tear me apart
C DI didn't want it to end this way
C DI didn't wanna discard you like a used condom on the side of the highway
CI'm so sorry, ghost monkey
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