Jon Thurlow – Let Love Win chords

Verse 1  :  
A BLord I know you love me
G#m C#Yes I know you love me
A BLoraad I know you love me,
Esus ERight here, right now, right here, right now
Verse 2:
A B It’s okay to believe
G#m C# Open up and receive
A B Esus E I want you to have confidence in My love
Verse 3 :
A B G#m C# It’s okay, it’s good and right
A B Esus E To believe in My love
Verse 3 :
A B So stop acting as though you could earn it
G#m C# I don’t love you ‘cause you deserve it
A B Esus E I love you because that’s who I am; let love win.
Verse 4 :
A B No one loves you
G#m C#Like I love you
A B Esus ENo one loves you, like I do
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