Jonas Alaska – Robert Ollinger chords

Intro: Bm - Bm - Bm - Bm/A

Bm A G ADon't even try
Bm A Dm7 GPack up your things and run home to your mom
G# A# Bmyou should know who I am
Em7 Gand why
Em7 A7So don't try..
Dcause I am Robert Ollinger
D7 G and I'm in again
C G Ddon't touch me one more time
Bmjust look around
Emwe'll blow you down
Gand drag you through town
F#I wouldn't go there...
Tell me your name tell me your name, I wont ask you again Just like your brother you will hang high but dont try... 'Cause I am Robert Ollinger and I'm in again don't touch me one more time just look around we'll blow you down and drag you through town I wouldn't go there... Choice is gone he was my only friend, oh Well he claimed I cheated, stole and lied ooh Well he tried, oooh But I am Robert Ollinger, and I'll get you too if it takes me straight to hell my heart is dead I want your head you heard what I said Now come on, try me... Oh! /Daniel Seides
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