Jonas Brothers – Australia tab

I have a cover of this on youtube.
If you would like to see how it is along with the song you can watch it here.

Chords used:

E C# A BE:|----- ----- ----- -----|B:|----- ----- --2-- -----|G:|--1-- --6-- --2-- --4--|D:|--2-- --6-- --2-- --4--|A:|--2-- --4-- ----- --2--|E:|----- ----- ----- -----|
Intro: E Repeated Verse: C# A E In the early 80's when i washed up on the shore A E B i could breathe a little more then i would realise C# A E You can call me crazy, you can call me what you will A E B You could take the bitter pill, if it helps you sleep at night Pre Chorus: C# B A Its a long long way my crooked friend E B A Such a long long way back home..........home.........hooooome Chorus: E B A So close, yet we've come so far E B A So close, still we've got so far
Lead Part In Chorus:E||-------------------------|B||---/5-5-4-4-2-2-0-0-2-0--|G||-------------------------|D||-------------------------|A||-------------------------|E||-------------------------|
At the end of chorus play E chord for a short part Repeat Verse Repeat Pre Chorus x2 Repeat Chorus Bridge: B Woo ooh woo ooh woo ooh A Woo ooh woo ooh B Woo ooh woo ooh A Woo ooh woo ooh Repeat Chorus x2 Outro: Repeat E chord till the end
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