Jonas Brothers – Turn Right tab

hey guys,
this is my very first tab...
this is one of the jonas brothers new songs of their record coming out june 16 lines 
and trying times
i've heard that alot of people want to learn how to play this song so here it is....not 
if its 100% correct but its close enough :)

for a video of me playing the song go to my youtube channel xsuperxjessx

Jonas Brothers: Turn Right
Tabbed By: nick4president


e|-----------------------------------3---------|B|-------3--------------3---------------3------|G|-----0-------------2-------------------------|D|----------------0---------0--2---------------|A|---2------3----------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|played 2x for intro, 4x for verse, 3x for chorus, 1x for outro
This is repeated throughout the song chorus changes on third time!
hope you enjoyed the tab peace love jonas thanks :)
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