Jonas Brothers - Fly With Me tab

Hey guys, I've been looking around on the net for a while trying to find an
accurate tab of the solo for Fly With Me by the Jonas Brothers, but with
no prevail. So after hours of comparing XxGUITARZEROxX's tab to the song,
and playing the song over and over on 0.5x the speed on Media Player, I
think I've finally perfected it. (This is my first submission - I don't
usually submit because most of the time I find accurate tabs :P)

Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Jason

/ = slide ~ = Vibrato p = pull off h = hammeron b = bend r = release bend
NB: You might need to listen to the solo a couple of times to get the timingfor the D|------11h12p11h12p11-|and B|--------------7---17~-| parts :). G|---------7--9---------| D|-----7-9--------------| A|-6/9------------------| E|----------------------|
But I can assure you, that it is as close to perfect as you could get.
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