Jonas Brothers – Inseparable chords

Em C G DVerse 1:
Bm G D Take my hand tonight We can run so far
DWe can change the world Do anything we want
Bm G D We can stop for hours Just staring at the stars
GThey shine down to show us
EmYou know when the sun forgets to shine
BmI'll be there to hold you through the night
G D AWe'll be running so fast we can fly tonight
EmAnd even when we're miles and miles apart
BmYou're still holding all of my heart
GI promise it will never be dark
D AI know we're inseparable
Verse 2:
Bm G D We can run forever if you wanted to
A BmI would not get tired because I'd be with you
G DBut I'll keep singing this song until the very end
AWe have done all these things
Chorus Bridge:
Em BmI will give it all
GNever let you fall
D A`Cause you know we're inseparable
Em BmI would give it all
GJust to show you I'm in love
D A`Cause you know we're inseparable
During the solo: Em Bm G D A and then the chorus one more time.
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