Jonas Brothers – Make It Right tab ver. 2

                      Make It Right - Joe Jonas

Beautiful song!
It's like a mixture of 'Gotta Find You' and 'Turn Right' :)
I'm fairly certain that this is accurate, but I could be wrong...
Leave a comment, if you have any corrections :D

Chords: G G/B Cadd9 Ame|--3---3-----3-----0--|B|--3---3-----3-----1--|G|--0---0-----0-----2--|D|--0---x-----x-----2--|A|--x---2-----3-----0--|E|--3------------------|
Intro: G G/B Cadd9 G G/B Cadd9 e|----------------------------------------------------------3~--|B|------3-------3-------3------3-------3-------3-------3----3~--|G|----0---0---0---0---0---0--0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0--0~--|D|----------------------------------------------------------2~--|A|----------2-------3----------------------2-------3--------3~--|E|--3------------------------------3----------------------------|
Verse: G G/B Cadd9 You say you'll know when you really find the one G G/B Cadd9 But it's hard to tell with the damage that's been done G G/B Cadd9 But I’d like to say that it's your fault but I know better Am G/B Cadd9 ‘Cause I'm a fool to think you'll wait around forever Chorus: G G/B Cadd9 G G/B Cadd9 Maybe I could have loved you, maybe I could have shown G G/B Cadd9 That I still do care about ya more than you could know G G/B Cadd9 Don't say it's too late to try, to make it right
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