Jonas Brothers - I Left My Heart In Scandinavia chords version 2

Note: The D's and Cadd9's in the intro and verse and the D's and Dsus's in the 
chorus are played only two beats each.

Intro: A, G/B, D, Cadd9, G

A G/B D Cadd9 GLondon's nice but it's not sunny
A G/B D Cadd9 GThe desert's hot 'cause there's no rain
A G/B D Cadd9 GYou can laugh but it's not funny
A G/B D Cadd9 GI found a place where my heart will stay
A G/B D Cadd9 GTokyo's fast but I'm not winded
A G/B D Cadd9 GNew York's cash but that's o-kay
A G/B D Cadd9 GItaly's a priceless memory
Cadd9 D Cadd9 GJust go walk the streets of Spain
G/B G Cadd9 Dsus D But I found that I left my heart
Cadd9 G Cadd9 Dsus D in Scandinavia, Left my heart
Cadd9in Scandinavia
G Cadd9 Dsus D Cadd9Left my love inside of her arms
G Cadd9 Dsus D Yeah I left my heart
Cadd9 (play once) in Scandinavia G, Cadd9, Dsus, D,
Cadd9In Scandinavia
G, Cadd9, Dsus, D
Cadd9 GShewb bad deeb a de doo bow
Cadd9, Dsus, D, Cadd9
G Cadd9 Dsus DYeah I left my heart
Cadd9 (play once) in Scandinavia
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