Jonas Brothers - Sos chords version 3

Key of G

G C7

G C7Told you I made dinner plans
G C7For you and me and no one else
G C7That don't include your crazy friends
Em7Well I'm done
D AWith awkward situations empty conversations
Em7 COoh! This is an S.O.S.
GDon't want a second guess,
DThis is the bottom line
Em7It's true!
CI gave my all for you,
Gnow my heart's in two
D Am7And I can't find the other half
C GIt's like I'm walking on broken glass,
Am7 Cbetter believe I bled
It's a call I'll never get G C7 And it continues so forth with these chords: Verse: G C7 G C7 G C7 Em7 D A 2nd Chorus: Em7 C G D Em7 C G D Am7 C G D Am7 C Em7 D Am7 C D Em7 C G D (silent, just singing) Chorus: Em7 C G D Em7 C G D Am7 C G D Am7 C Enjoy!
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