Jonas Brothers – Coming Home chords

Note: on some of the B and F# chords, he'll do a 7sus4 for one strum to give it some pizazz.
To do a B7sus4 chord, just move your pinky from the 4th string, 9th fret to the 3rd 
string, 9th fret. Obviously, for F#7sus4, do the same thing just at the 4th fret rather than 
the 9th.

The format for where I put the chords in relation to the lyrics got all screwed up when 
I submitted. I went back and changed the first verse to be roughly right, but the rest 
are still wrong. So just change the chord on the second to last syllable in each line.

As a disclaimer: I'm not entirely sure the lines "Keep me out" and "Until time please" 
are correct. They don't make a whole lot of sense in my opinion, but I can't figure out 
any other possibilities that are any better.

Note 2: At the time of this tab, is by far 
the best quality audio I could find.

Intro: B

Verse 1:

BNew York City
F#Keep me out
ELet your waves come
BLet em come, crashing down
F#I hope you miss me
EThis state has different feeling
BHere in Tinsletown
Chorus: x 3
BOh woah oh oh oh
F#Oh woah oh oh oh
E (stop at end of line) Oh woah oh oh oh
BIm coming home
Verse 2:
BUntil time please
F#Please stop your crying
ECuz id be lying
BTo myself, if I stay
Chorus (once):
BOh woah oh oh oh
F#Oh woah oh oh oh
E (stop at end of line) Oh woah oh oh oh
BI’m coming home
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