Jonathan Coulton - The Presidents Song chords

C G CWashington came first and he was perfect,
C GJohn Adams had a quasi-war with France
F AmJefferson made a Louisiana Purchase
D7 G G7In 1812 James Madison kicked the British in the pants
C G CJames Monroe told Europe they could suck it
C FJohn Quincy Adams looked just like his Dad
F AmAndrew Jackson got rid of all the Indians
D7 G CVan Buren served one term but he wasn't bad
C G CWilliam Henry Harrison died early
C GJohn Tyler annexed Texas from Mexico
F AmJames K. Polk fought Mexico to keep it
D7 G G7Taylor was a Mexican War hero
C G CFilmore gave a boat to Commodore Perry
C FPierce repealed the Missouri Compromise
F AmBuchanan saw the Civil War's beginnings
D7 G CLincoln saved the Union, then he died
C G CAndrew Johnson just survived impeachment
C GGeneral Grant thought getting drunk was fun
F AmRutherford B. Hayes ended reconstruction
D7 G G7Garfield was assassinated in 1881
C G CArthur suspended Chinese immigration
C FCleveland made the railroad people squirm
F AmHarrison signed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
D7 G CGrover Cleveland served another term

C G CMcKinley kept the Spanish out of Cuba
C GRoosevelt was handy with a gun
F AmTaft was big and fat and had a mustache
D7 G G7Wilson kicked some ass in World War I
C G CHarding said let's laissez-faire with business
C FCoolidge made the roaring 20's roar
F AmHoover screwed the pooch in the Great Depression
D7 G CRoosevelt beat the Nazis in the war
C G CTruman dropped the bomb on Hiroshima
C GEisenhower kept the commies well in hand
F AmKennedy was killed by a magic bullet
D7 G G7Johnson murdered kids in Vietnam
C G CNixon was a sweating filthy liar
C FFord gave Nixon pardon for his crimes
F AmCarter lusted in his heart for peanuts
D7 G CReagan won the Cold War and lost his mind
C G CGeorge Bush senior poked at Saddam Hussein
C GClinton gave an intern a cigar
F AmW's rein of terror's finally over
D7 G G7Obama's mediocre insofar
C G CIn the year 2010 we're out of money
C FSomewhere surely freedom's on the march
F AmI don't like to make political statements
D7 G C
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