Jonathan Coulton – Brookline chords

Transcribed by Yngve, mangled thereafter by Bry
Found at:
F-5/C = x3320x 
G/D = x5540x 
E7(2) = x7670x 
B7 = x2120x 
Fmaj7 = 133210 
Bm7-5 = x2323x A13sus4 = x02032
Am FNot far away in a place by the sea
D7/F# FSomething is watching and waiting for me
E F-5/C G/D E7(2)Brookliiiiiiiiiiine
Am B7 E AmSomething isn't right in Massachusetts
B7 E E7Don't stray out of Boston town
Dm7 G7 C Fmaj7The home of Samuel Adams, the ride of Paul Revere
B7 E F-5/C EDon't go past the signs that say the freedom trail ends here
Am B7 E AmFirst they'll take you in with songs and laughter
B7 E E7Then they'll fill your head with lies
Dm7 G7 C Fmaj7Too late you glimpse the secret, the sinister design
B7 E Am B7 E AmThat marries you forever to Brookliiiiiiine
B7 E AmBrookliiiiine
Am B7 E AmI was once a man who had a future
B7 E E7And I'm sure I had a past
Dm7 G7 C Fmaj7But now I can't remember the place where I came from
B7 E F-5/C EI'm ashamed and frightened of this thing that I've become
Am B7 E AmNow I'm rich and smart, my home is charming
B7 E E7Sense of irony well-honed
Dm7 G7 C Fmaj7I buy used books and Britas, I snack on nuts and wine
B7 E Am B7 E AmI have been imprisoned in Brookliiiiiiine
B7 E AmBrookliiiiine
A Dm7 G7 CYou'll go deeper and deeper to learn how it ticks
Dm7 G7 CIf you know what it is you can fight it
Bm7-5 E AmLike a Tootsie Roll Pop it takes too many licks
B7 EAnd before you get there you will bite it
F-5/C EOr it may bite you
Am B7 E AmSee the shadow fall across New England
B7 E E7Stretching out to Oregon
Dm7 G7 C Fmaj7A talk show host, an author, a president, a king
B7 E F-5/C EIf you haven't noticed, they've infected every-thing
Am B7 E AmKeep your hometown close, keep Brookline closer
B7 E E7Hide your heart and watch the skies
Dm7 G7 C Fmaj7For when the darkness finds you the sun will cease to shine
B7 E Am B7 E AmIn the end, your only friend, Brookliiiiiiine
B7 E AmBrookliiiiine
FAnd it's one if by land, two if by sea
D7/F# FThree if by guile and duplicity
E F-5/C G/D E7(2)Brookliiiiiiiiiiiine
Am A13sus4Brookliiiiine
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