Jonathan Coulton - Cave chords

Please note that it's unknown at this time whether it really is Coulton, but for 
now, we'll leave it at that.


G G C GI don't know a cave from a hole in the ground
Em G C DI wandered an age through a cool and dark cage
G G C EmTried finding my way by touch, taste, sense, sound
G G D GBut no way out of hell, as the sin is on stage (1st time)
But I'm here and I hope I won't see old age (2nd) But I figure the solitude's my only wage (3rd) And long past the point of pretending to rage (Last) G G G VERSE 1:
Em Em Em GI wonder what happened up there to my truck
C C D DLeft parked with a load, no doubt long since been towed
Em Em Em GI never expected to have such strange luck
Em Em Am Em I should have obeyed what that road sign forebode
Em Em Em
Em Em Em GCavefish is delicious, but only if cooked
C C D DYou'll mess it up bad, well let's leave it at that
Em Em Em GI've eaten whenever, whatever I've hooked
C C D GI'd kill for the thrill of a meal with some fat
G G G CHORUS VERSE 2: I don't know my soul from a hole in the dark I'd wake from my sleep and I'd silently weep I once knew a girl who loved me as a lark My pain, she explains, is what made me so deep I thought I was ever so lonesome at home It needled at me until I couldn't see The forest for trees nor the sea for the foam And I took up the job that was all absentee CHORUS VERSE 3: The miles and also the hours were strained Kept my hands on the wheel, it was solid and real And wind blew and snow fell and storms rumbled and rained And I drove through it all but found I could still feel Inspire me world, I was writing a song Saw a sign for the cave, thought "artistic" and "brave" I grabbed my guitar and I moseyed along and though I hate to state it, I entered my grave CHORUS
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