Jonathan Coulton – A Talk With George chords

Dadd4   x5403x
G5/D    x5503x
D       xx0232
G       320003
Cadd9   x32030
Em      022000
D/F#    2x023x
G/B     x2003x
C       x32010
Cadd9   x32030
C/G     3x2010
Em/maj7 021000
Em7     020000
A7      x02020

***Capo 5th***

Verse 1
Dadd4 G5/DThere's a tall thin man standing in the shadows
Dadd4 G5/DWhen he calls your name his voice is strong and clear
Dadd4 G5/D It's a dark and smoky place, so you can't quite see his face
Dadd4 G5/DHe pulls you close and whispers in your ear
Verse 2
D GAnd he tells you he was born into some money
D GBut it didn't mean he had to sit around
D GAnd he knows a thing or two about the things that you should do
D GIf you don't want to take life lying down
D Cadd9 Em D/F# GFirst of all hang out a lot with Hemingway
C D EmSpend some time fighting bulls in Spain
D Cadd9 Em D/F# GYou should go three rounds with Archie Moore and Sugar Ray
C D Cadd9 So damn scary you won't mind the pain
Verse 3
D GBe ringside at the Rumble in the Jungle
D GMake friends with Hunter S. and Jackie O.
D GAnd when they shoot poor Bobby down, you wrestle Sirhan to the ground
D GLove your friends and miss them when they go
D Cadd9 Em D/F# GYou should write a book or two and start a magazine
C D Em Even if it never makes a dime
D Cadd9 Em D/F# GYou should swing out by your feet above the circus ring
C D Cadd9At the very least throw parties all the time
|G |G D/F#| Bridge
Em Em/maj7Time and tide will never care
Em7 A7Not so far from here to there
|Cadd9 G/B|Am |Cadd9 G/B|Am|Cadd9 G/B|Am D/F#|G C/G G|We just go
Verse 4
D GSo enjoy yourself, do the things that matter
D GCause there isn't time and space to do it all
D GLove the things you try, drink a cocktail wear a tie
D G Show a little grace if you should fall
D Cadd9 Em D/F# GDon't live another day unless you make it count
C D EmThere's someone else that you're supposed to be
D Cadd9 Em D/F# G Something deep inside of you that still wants out
C D Cadd9And shame on you if you don't set it free
Outro |D Cadd9|Em F# G|C D |G C/G G|
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