Jones Howard – New Song tab

Left handed
I got this off of AZchords so I take no credit for it

Running from a gun 
for some brain that ways a ton              
        Gm                     Eb
And my God, it hurts to get so low
Searchin' through the cars 
Cold, still searchin' through the night
I think I will run, to you, but
I refuse to fuss and fight 

And God may find a reason
Well I'm sure you'll find a rhyme
            Gm                     Eb
Because it takes up nearly all my time

F(VIII)           F# 
He who stands for freedom     
    F(VIII)            F#
God knows I've got the number    
    Bb           C#      Bb
But maybe I just use too much 
Verse 2:      
I was sitting in that bar     
I'm sittin' in that stolen car
       Gm                          Eb
Cold, still rollin' down the boulevard
Saw you with a gleam         
And the microphone scene
'Think I will run, to you
But I know I won't live for me
Cause I know God's got both,
the reason and the rhyme
        Gm                              Eb
Please tell me, why he takes up all my time
F(VIII)   F#        F(VIII)   F#
I've been drinking, just like you
    Bb               C#              Bb
And baby, you've got something I can use 

Verse: (drum 'n bass and you can slide up the guitar if you want)
Payback's a mother ***in' blast
But I won't stress and I won't blast 
And I would not take my life 
Glory please, my God, comin' from heaven above 
Takes up all of my time 
And I said Solo
Verse 3: (Same progression as before)
"Why must I feel like that" 
Running from a gun 
And some brain that ways a ton 
You know, I did that line for Flava' Flave 
But, all the D.J.'s do it All the D.J.'s use it 
I would run, 
I would switch 
But I wanna be the same 
And I know I'll find a reason 
'Cause I always bust a rhyme 
Because it takes up nearly all my time 
The "T" hear stands for treason 
The "D" hear stands for dove 
And maybe I just use too, 
Maybe I'm just used too much. 

Bb F Gm Eb F(VIII) F# C#E|--6--1--3--6---8------9---9B|--6--1--3--8--10-----11---9G|--7--2--3--8--10-----11--10D|--8--3--5--8--10-----11--11A|--8--3--5--6---8------9--11E|--6--1--3-----------------9
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