Joni Mitchell - Raised On Robbery tab

raised on robbery: joni mitchell
by robin young (

Bb: 013331
C:  032010
F:  133211
G:  3X0003

he was sittin’ in the lounge of the empire hotel
he was drinkin’ for diversion, he was thinkin’ for himself
a little money ridin’ on the maple leafs
along comes this lady in sleeves

she says
let me sit down, you know,
drinkin’ alone’s a shame,
it’s a shame, it’s a cryin’ shame
G                         F                    C
look at those jokers glued to that damn hockey game

hey, honey, you got lots of cash,
bring us ‘round a bottle and we’ll have some laughs
Bb                             G              C
gin’s what i’m drinkin’; i was raised on robbery

she says,
      F                                         C
i’m a pretty good cook, sittin’ on my groceries
       G                        F                C
come up to my kitchen, i’ll show you my best recipes
i try and i try, but i can’t save a cent
i’m up after midnight cookin’ tryin’ to make my rent
    Bb                            G              C
i’m rough but I’m pleasin’; i was raised on robbery


we had a little money once,
they were pushin’ through a four lane highway
government gave us three thousand dollars,
    F                        C
you shoulda seen it fly away

first he bought a fifty-seven Biscayne, he put it in the ditch
he drunk up all the rest, that son of a bitch
    Bb                         G              C
his blood’s bad whiskey; i was raised on robbery

you know you ain’t bad lookin’,
i like the way you hold your drinks
come home with me honey,
        F                              C
i ain’t askin’ for no full-length mink

	hey, where you goin’?
don’t go yet, your glass ain’t empty and we just met
you’re mean when you’re loaded;
      G              C
i was raised on robbery

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