Joni Mitchell - Down To You tab

down to you: joni mitchell
by robin young (

a:      002220
a/b:    022220
a7sus4: 002030
bm7:    024232
c/d:    000010
d:      000232
d/g:    3XX232
dm7:    000211
e:      022100
esus4:  022200
e/f#:   2XX100
f#m7:   2XX220
g:      3X0003
g/a:    003211

d - d/g - a

d          d/g            f#m7
everything comes and goes
             g   g/a           d
marked by lovers and styles of clothes
                d/g           f#m7     e/f#      f#m7
things that you held high and told yourself were true
e/f#    g               g/a               d
lost or changin’ as the days come down to you

        a   e   d/g
down to you,        constant stranger;
        g/a                        bm7
you’re a kind person, you’re a cold person too
             a    e   g   d/a   esus4   e   dm7
it’s down to you

            d           c/d
you go down to the pick-up station
cravin’ warmth and beauty
    dm7            d       c/d
you settle for less than fascination;
a few drinks later you’re not so choosy

         dm7           d          c/d
when the closing lights strip off the shadows
on this strange new flesh you found
dm7           d            c/d
clutching the night to you like a fig leaf,
you hurry to the blackness and the blankets
to lay down an impression and your loneliness


       d                 d/g
in the morning there are lovers in the street
they look so high;
                    g                g/a             d
you brush against a stranger and you both apologize
old friends seem indiff’rent;
  f#m7        e/f#            f#m7
you must have brought that on
g                   g/a         am7 d    em7   d
old bonds have broken down; love is gone
c   em7          a
oh, love is gone
                d/g      c#m7
written on your spirit the sad song
f  g         c   g/c  d  d/g  a
   love is gone

d          d/g             f#m7
everything comes and goes;
pleasure moves on too early
g/a                    d
and trouble leaves too slow

just when you’re thinkin’
       f#m7    e/f#   f#m7
you’ve fin’lly got it made
e/f#    g
bad news comes knockin’
g/a            d
at your garden gate

             a   e   d/g
knockin’ for you,        constant stranger;
you’re a brute, you’re an angel
you can crawl, you can fly too
             a   e   g
it’s down to you
   d/a           e        esus4   e
it all comes down to you
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