Joni Mitchell – Let The Wind Carry Me tab

Let the Wind Carry Me: Joni Mitchell
Tabbed by Robin Young

>>CAP0 2ND FRET.<<

Chords (in relation to capo):
C: X32010
Cmaj7: X32000
D: XX0232
D/E: 000232
Em: 022000
Em (in verses 1&4): 0XX342
Em7: 0X0433
Eb: X54030
F: XX3211
F/D: XX0121
G: 320003
Gsus2: 3X0203
Gm7/D: XX0675

Intro: Em – D – C (3x)
	 Cmaj7 – Em

Em              D/E
Papa’s faith is people,
D                  C    Em
Mama, she believes   in cleanin’.
Gm7/D         F/D            Gm7/D
       Papa’s faith is in peo- - -ple,
  F/D             Gm7/D  F/D          Gm7/D       F/D
Ma- -ma, she’s al- - - - - -ways clea- - - -nin’.
Papa brought home the sugar,
     Eb               Gm7/D
Mama taught me the dee- - -per meanin’.

F/D – Gm7/D – Gsus2 – G – Cmaj7

Gm7/D               F/D
She   don’t like my kick-pleat skirt,
Eb                           Gm7/D           F/D – Gm7/D – F/D
   She don’t like my eyelids pain-ted green
Em7                       D/E            Em7                D/E
She don’t like me stayin’ up  late in my high-heeled shoes,
                Em7          D/E         Em7
Livin’ for that rock-n’-roll     dancin’ scene.
D/E             D
    Papa says, “Leave the girl alone mother,
C                         Em
  She’s lookin’ like a Mo- - vie Queen.”

Gm7/D            F/D
Mama  thinks she spoilt me.
Eb                       Gm7/D         F/D – Gm7/D – F/D
   Papa knows somehow he set   me free
Em7                       D/E
Mama thinks she spoilt me rotten
    Em7            D/E
She blames herself
    Em7      D/E         Em7
But Papa, he     blesses me.
D/E        D
    It’s a rough road to travel, Mama
C                Em
Let go now, it’s    always called for me.

     Em               D/E
Some-times I get that feeling
      D                           C         Em
And I want to settle and raised a  child up with somebody.
Gm7/D    F/D                 Gm7/D
       I get that strong long- - -ing
      F/D     Gm7/D        F/D          Gm7/D           F/D
And I want to set- tle and raise a child     up with somebody
But it passes like the summer
I’m a wild seed again, let the wind carry me.

Gm7/D – F/D – Gm7/D – Gsus2 – G – Cmaj7
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