Joni Mitchell – Trouble Child tab

Trouble Child- Joni Mitchell
Tabbed by Robin Young

Am7: 002010
Bb: 24442
C: 032010
D/C: 03X232
Dsus4: 000233
F: 133211
F7: 003210
G: 3X0003
G/D: 000433
G7/B: 020032

Bb – C – Bb – C – Bb
C – Bb – C – Bb (3x)

D/C                   C
Up  in the sterilized room
Where they let you be lazy
F7                             C
Know-ing your attitudes are wrong
And you gotta change, and it’s not easy

F7                               G
Drag-ons shining with all values known
F7                                G    F  G  C
Daz-zling you, keeping you from your own
F7                             C
Where is the lion in you to de-fy him
When you’re this weak and this spacey?

So what are you gonna do about it
C              Am7
You can’t live life and you can’t leave it
   F7                            C
Ad-vice and religion you can’t take it
You can’t seem to believe it

    F7                       G
The pea-cock is afraid to pa-rade
       F7                      G  F  G  C
You’re un-der the thumb of a maid
    F7                                  C
You real-ly can’t give love in this con-di-tion
Still you know how you need it

             C     G7/B
Then open and close    you
Then they talk like they know   you
They don’t know you
                           C     G7/B
They’re friends and they’re foes too, trouble child,
G/D                  Dsus4          G
  Brea-king like the waves at Malibu

Bb – C – Bb – C – Bb
C – Bb – C – Bb (3x)

So why does it come as such a shock
C                    Am7
  To know you really have no one?
F7                        C
On-ly a river of changing fa-ces
   Looking for an ocean

     F7                          G
They tric-kle through your leaky plans
        F7                G  F  G
Another dream over the dam
C          F7
And you’re ly-ing in some room
                  C           Am7
Feeling like your right to be hu-man
Is going over too

                  C    G7/B
But some are gonna knock   you
And some’ll try and   clock you
 You know it’s really hard
  C                 G7/B
To talk sense to you,   trouble child
G/D                  Dsus4         G
   Breaking like the waves at Malibu

Bb – C – Bb – C – Bb
C – Bb – C – Bb (2x)
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