Joni Mitchell - The Same Situation tab

The Same Situation- Joni Mitchell
Tabbed by Robin Young

A: X02220
A/B: X22220
A/D: XX0220
Am: X02210
Amsus2: X02200
B/A: X04442
Bm7: X24232
C: X32010
C/D: XX0010
D: XX0232
D/A: X00232
D/E: 0XX232
D/G: 3XX232
E: 022100
E/A: X02100
E/B: X22100
E/D: XX0454
F: 133211
F#m7: 242222
G: 3X0003
G/A: X05433
G/D: XX0433


  C                             G
A-gain and again the same sit-u-a-tion
    D/E   E  Am
For so man-y years
C                      G
Teth-ered to a ringing tel-e-phone
     D/E    E     Am
In a room full of mir-rors

  G                    D         E/D
A pret-ty girl in your bath-room
F                 D/G
Check-ing out her sex appeal
  C                              G
I asked myself when you said you loved me
        D/E        E      Am
“Do you think this can be real?”
       B/A            E/B
Still I   sent up my prayer
          D/E             A
Wondering where it had to go
                 E/A D/A     A
With heaven full of  as- tro-nauts
        F#m7       D/G
And the Lord on death row

          A/B                    Bm7 A
While the mil-li-ons of his lost and lonely ones
     D/A     D/G
Call out and cla-mor to be found
              C                       G
Caught in the strug-gle for higher po-si-tions
And their search for love
E           Am  G/A
It sticks a-round

           C                 G
You’ve had lots of lovely wo-men
        D/E           E   Am
Now you turn your gaze to me
C                            G
Weigh-ing the beauty and the im-perfection
   D/E      E     Am
To see if I’m wor-thy

         G                          D
Like the church, like a cop, like a mo-ther
E/D    F             D/G
   You want me to be truth-ful
              C                        G
Sometimes you turn it on me like a wea-pon, though
      D/E       E      Am
And I need your ap-pro-val

       B/A          E/B
Still I sent up my prayer
          D/E            A
Wondering who’s there to hear
                E/A     D/A  A
I said, “Send me   some-bo- dy
      F#m7       D/G
Who’s strong and some-what sincere

         A/B                   Bm7 A
With the mil-lions of the lost and lone-ly ones
D/A  D/G
   I called out to be released
             C                      G
Caught in my strug-gle for higher a-chieve-ments
And my search for love
E                Am  G/A  Amsus2
It don’t seem to cease
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