Joni Mitchell – Dont Interrupt The Sorrow tab

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From: (Howard Wright)

                   Don`t Interrupt The Sorrow  -  Joni Mitchell

                             from the album 'Hissing of Summer Lawns'

                             tabbed by Howard Wright

The tuning for this is open G

low to high  :     DGDGBD

To get this, tune both E strings down to a D, then tune the A string
down to a G

For this song I'll just tab the intro because most of the song just
uses a few chord shapes so it's quicker to just give the shapes
instead of tabbing the whole thing.  I've only given a rough idea of
the strumming pattern - so as usual : get tuned up, learn the shapes
then play along to the track and you shouldn't have any problems.


Try to keep the same feel for the verses - although I haven't written out a lot of chord changes, she tends to play a lot of short open G chords "between" changes, using hammer-ons and pull-offs. The line of TAB above should give you the right idea - although the basic progression is just : Csus4/G C/G G she puts in extra G chords on the open strings to fill it out. Use this idea throughout. VERSE 1: --------- Csus4/G C/G Don't interrupt the sorrow C/G G Darn right Csus4/G C/G In flames our prophet witches G Be polite Eb/Ab F/Bb A room full of glasses C D He says "Your notches liberation doll" Csus4/G C/G G And he chains me with that serpent to that Ethiopian wall VERSE 2: --------- Anima rising Queen of queens Wash my guilt of eden Wash and balance me He says "Anima rising uprising in me tonight" She's a vengeful little goddess With an ancient crown to fight ...and so on for the other verses. After the 3rd (or maybe 4th) verse she repeats the INTRO tab above, then on to another verse or two. The song ends on a repeated open G chord. Chord Shapes : ----------------- a=10 DGDGBD DGDGBD DGDGBD DGDGBD DGDGBD 000000 003010 002010 688888 8aaaaa G Csus4/G C/G Eb/Ab F/Bb ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The open bottom D string is optional here DGDGBD DGDGBD x33333 x55555 Bb C
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