Jordan Pruitt – Outside Looking In chords ver. 2

Capo 5

CYou don't know my name
Am Fyou don't know anything about me
Dm AmI try to play nice
F GI want to be in your game
CThe things that you say
Am FYou may think I never hear about them
Dm AmBut word travels fast
F GI'm telling you to your face I'm standing here behind your back
C Dm F GYou don't know how it feels To be outside the crowd
C Dm F GYou don't know what it's like To be left out
C Dm FAnd you don't know how it feels
Dm FTo be your own best friend on the outside looking in
CIf you could read my mind
Am FYou might see more of me that meets the eye
Dm AmAnd you've been all wrong
F GNot who you think I am You've never given me a chance
Chorus Bridge
AmWell, I'm tired of staying at home
D CI'm bored and alone
D FI'm sick of wasting all my time
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