Jordan Ross – Better Year chords

Left handed
Jordan Ross - Better Year                                                   

ABaby, I’ve been thinking for a long time
E DMaybe it’s time for us to have a little change of scenery
This big, bad world, it has its faults But there’s good people out there They’re fighting for the best in us You know we owe it to the ones that wish they could Pack it all up and go, and make a change Chorus:
A EAnd if the world passed us by
F#min Know that I’m still here
DFighting for our innocence
AAnd hoping for a better year
When love conquers all We’ll stand and join the masses The ones that bet on love to win and rise above it This same old song’s been sung before But maybe this time it’ll reach down and grab you now Grab your heart This big ol’ world’s waiting for you To step outside and throw caution to the wind, make a change I know I’ve seen that look before The one that says there ain’t nothing gonna stop me now You’re not gonna stop us now Chorus Bridge: B, C#, B, C#, B, A, G, D, Rise above Chorus And if you find time to cry Don’t hold back those tears Let em flow like the river goes We are living without fear Repeat
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