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From: Howard Myint 
Subject: Re: REQ: Sass JORDAN - I Want to Believe

I want to believe....the riff: ---------BTW capo the 2nd fret.....--------32-------------------| -------30-----------------------------------------|
then play a C then a G repeat riff as you like it... The song itself is G D When will I die - when will I marry Em D Why do I cry for nothin' sometimes G D Why do I feel like I'm in a hurry Em D Feels like a race and I'm out of time C G D Like a lover turning into a friend C G D Somewhere a heart is gettin broken again C G D D How does the whole thing end? C G I want to believe in something for real C Em I want to believe in something I feel (ok, I'm gettin tired of this so here's the rest of the words) I want to believe it's all that I need I want to believe Who will be king - and who will be beggar? when will I have this mystery solved who said a ring - could mean love forever Nothing's for sure - except growing old Will I always be here spinning my wheels or does misfortune have a hand in the deal is that how my fate is sealed? I want to believe love has chance to survive the dream to be as one I want to believe in a nurturing love and not just a sacrifice Where is my home - and where am I going? When will I know and how will I know? I had a lover who truned into a friend I had a heart but it got broken again And I don't know if it ever will mend Is this how the whole thing ends? Any way, good luck on this's a good one, and if anyone else helps you finish it..mail me back what you got.
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