Jose Vanders - Puppets chords

Here are the chords for Puppets. I realise it's not completely correct, but it's okay to 
to. The key is A major, so if anyone wants to help out, that'd be great :)
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Standard Tuning
Capo 2


The main chords (relative to capo) are:

G Am Bm Eme|--3--|--0--|--2--|--0--|B|--3--|--1--|--3--|--0--|G|--4--|--2--|--4--|--0--|D|--5--|--2--|--4--|--2--|A|--5--|--0--|--2--|--2--|E|--3--|--x--|--x--|--x--|
For the intro, downward stroke/pluck randomly (listen to the song, and you can figure it Some variations:
Intro: G, Am, Bm, Am, G Am, Bm... Verse
Am G Am BmI've got strings on my ankles
Am G Am BmPull them up, and I'll walk with you
Am Em Bm EmI've got strings tied to my fingers
Bm Am GPull them down, and I'll clap for you ...etc.
Of course, without capo: A (barre), Bm, C#m, F#m
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