Joseph Arthur – Crying Like A Man chords

EmYou must destroy
All who you employ
AmTo protect your last invention
BWork hard its destruction
EmIgnore your good intention
You must ignore the wrong voice Whose voice
AmA peculiar choice
BWell I'm sure
EmYou and I can't remember
Living like a backwards trainwreck
Amtrying to disguise the deceit
Intrinsic in our step
BWhen love's got us by the neck
EmWhy can't we just surrender
EmI'll be quiet
AmI won't wake you up
BI'll be quiet
EmI won't wake you up
Don't whine Drink wine Like terpentine
AmCleaning out your inside in line
BFrom your toes up through your spine
EmPretend you're a conductor
Maestro without music God without man
AmMe without you
Holding your hand
BFalling like a leaf
EmCrying like a man
EmWe silently confess through open eyes
AmSetting fire to the web spun right behind
BIn my mind's a spider
EmAnd in your heart's a fly
When you're meek you are malicious
AmLike a tame dog growing vicious
BSomehow still suspicious
EmFaithlessly religious
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