Joseph Arthur - Real You tab

                      The Real You - Joseph Arthur
Tabbed by: Pascal M Frenette
Tuning : EADGBe (Standard)

The song is only a simple riff with a bridge in the middle. Pretty easy. I put the
number of times you should play the riff but you can just erase them and just print
the lyrics. 

Main Riffe|------------------|------------------|B|------------------|------------------|G|-----0-----0------|-----0-----0------|D|---------------0--|---------------0--|A|---2---2/4---4---\|---2---2/4---4---\|E|-3----------------|-3----------------|
Bridge (Been down in my mind)e|------------------|------------------|B|------------------|------------------|G|.----------0-----.|.----------0-----.|D|.----3---------3-.|.----5-----5---5-.| each twiceA|--1----1-1---1----|-/3----3-3---3----|E|------------------|------------------|
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