Joseph Arthur - Enough To Get Away tab

Ok, this is a new song from Nuclear Daydream. This is tabbed from 
a live version he did. It's much faster than the CD version. 
I'm definitely sure it's the same chords. This should be 99%
correct. Please leave a good rating. Thanks!

Standard Tuning
NO capo

C G Am Fmaje|-0--3--0----0--|B|-1--0--1----1--|G|-0--0--2----2--|D|-2--0--2----3--|A|-3--2--0----3--|E|-3--3--0----1--|
Intro: C, G, Am, Fmaj (x1) C G What's the difference from a Saturday night Am Fmaj Where the light spreads dark around the drunk hearts C G In their headless hallways where bodies are Am Fmaj put on the market place C G To happiness endlessly taking pills Am Fmaj With the young going down I see nothing C G Am Fmaj or nowhere I know what I've found Must be in paradise C G Next year we will live in the country Am Fmaj With our money, by day the sky builds C G Doing our laundry and inventing us some random machines Am Fmaj Getting our religion and sex on the TV C G Assumptions made simply to get away Am Fmaj Everyone old is already with me C G On tiny decks enjoying midsummer weather and friendly company Am Fmaj And in their picture frames there you and I will be C G Am Fmaj Knowing what we've found Enough to get away (x4) C G Am Bright drops of blood so my thoughts are I turn to lie down Fmaj but sleep stays far C G I'm just an echo of the songs going through my head Am Fmaj The light behides the ghost but I'm the one that's dead C G And I think of who you be, when you're here with me Am Fmaj Maybe it's a spiritual disease Sliding through shoots of oblivion C G into infinity back into our maker's hands Am Fmaj No more rain, no controversy C G Am Fmaj Knowing what we've found Enough to get away (x4)
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