Josh Garrels - All Creatures chords version 2

All Creatures
by Josh Garrels

No Capo
Key: Em


Em G D2 A2 EmAll creatures of our God and King
G D2 A2 EmLift up your voice and let us sing
G D2 A2 BmO Praise Him! O Praise Him!
C Alleluia
(Same chord progression continues all the way thru... You'll just have to listen to the song for the full rhythm.)
Em GCreation sent to me the centipede to witness the
D2 A2complexity of one hundred legs that were moving
Em Gunexpectedly, ironically, just as they were meant to be,
D2 A2they're fearfully and wonderfully made;
Em GAn organism praised in circadian rhythms:
D2 A2the sun will rise and then the sun will set, and then the sun will rise
Bm Cagain, so lift up your head! this is life: not a static object preserved and
Em Gdisplayed like a relic from the dead
D2 A2You are not a fruitless tree with a rootless disease
Em Ggrowin' in a bucket in a rich man's home
D2 A2next to the TV tamed and alone
Em Glearnin' to lust for the things you don't own
D2 A2like an arm-chair warrior who's been dethroned,
Bm Cdeclawed and fixed, fighting for you life with unattended slit wrists.
Em GDon't let your name get intermingled with the number
D2 A2cause its time to awaken from the devilish slumber,
Em Gto freely follow the Forerunner
D2 A2to the fatherland and rally round the renaissance man
Em Gand the wisdom of His ways and all the work of His hands
D2 A2catch come as catch can
Bmconcentrating on the good words of the Son of Man,
Cthe plan is to withstand the demands of a confused oppressor:
Em G a wolf in sheep's clothes
D2 A2with monotonous lectures and questionable gestures
Em Gunequal measures cultural pressures
D2 A2and synthetic textures, force-fed instead of the most beautiful
Em G D2 A2 architecture of our long lost, forgotten origins:
BmUnseen fiber in the blood of my King
CAnd that old rock where we confessed our sins
Em GOh, my God, fellow man
D2 A2in this great land they all cry out for
Em Gfull restoration and this will take patience
D2 A2And this will take the tribes and the tongues of all the nations
Em G D2and all of creation groans in anticipation
A2waitin' for the Son of God to be manifest
Bm I can feel it burnin' in my chest
Cliberation for the oppressed
Em G D2And it's beautiful like the feet that bring good news...
A2 EmIts beautiful like this freedom tune
G D2 A2Its beautiful like the power to choose... to change
Em G D2Beautiful like the long awaited rain
A2 BmBeautiful like the healing pains
CBeautiful like the holy flames... coming down!
Em G D2 A2 EmAll creatures of our God and King
G D2 A2 EmLift up your voice and let us sing
G D2 A2 BmO Praise Him! O Praise Him!
C EmAlleluia
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