Josh Golden - I Fall Down chords version 1

Josh Golden - I Fall Down
  Listen to the song and you will get it. The bottom 2 strings are played open for 
the E2 A2 B2. The E2 is played with index finger on 7th fret then go back to 2nd 
fret for B2 and then A2. Hope this helps.

( 1st verse )
E Fm I don't know how to say this
E Fm But I swear I saw it coming
E FmNot much of a surprise
EWhen you looked me in the eyes
Fm And said sit down
E So we sat down
B2And the worst fall for me was
A2The best fall for you and
I cant hold it in
B2Im just not that strong
( Chorus )
C#m B2 Cause I fall down And you fall out
E2 B2 A2 B2 A2Of love with me And everything We used to be
C#m B2And I can't say That Im ok
E B2 A2 B2 A2 B2When my heart breaks, in two, for you
C#m B2 A2 (Pause) Cause 1, 2, 3 its over Yeah
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (2nd and 3rd time will be)
C#m B2 A2 C#m B A Cause 1, 2, 3 its over Yeah
- - - - - - - - - - - - ( Break ) - E Fm ( 2nd Verse )
E FmAnd I can't believe I'm saying it
E FmWhat a waste That I would've never met you
E Fm ECause we were here And now you're there
Fm EOh no, I need breathe now Can we sit down
B2 A2And I can't pretend Like you dont pretend
A2 B2You know you are You've always been ( ohhhh... )
( 2nd Chorus ) ( Bridge - below )
C#m B2 A2So show me your tears if you're really crying
B2 C#mYou know I deserve to know
B2 A2So show me your fears if you're really dying
B2You know I deserve better
C#m B2 E B2 A2 A2 B2Better................ Yeah ( Ohhh....)
( 3rd Chorus )
C#m B2 A2 C#m B2 A2And it's over And it's over Yeah !!!
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