Josh Kelley - Beautiful Goodbye chords

This is my first tab, but feel free to be as critic as you wish. 
Also the chords at the bridge I'm not so sure of so any corrections are welcome. Have fun. :) 

Intro (listen to the song to get the changes in the chords)
Bm  A  D  Em  D/F#
G   D  G  D  A

Bm A DIt's hard to say goodbye
Em D/F# G DWhen I'm holding out my hands
G D A Bm Holding out my hands for love
A DThat opened my eyes
Em D/F# G DFilled with tears that never dry
G DFor you the angels cry
G A D A BmGoodnight, goodnight, my sweet love you're
G A D A BmGoodnight, goodnight, the stars up above
A Gwill be bright
A D A Bm A EDespite a love bound and broken from the start
G A D Goodnight, my beautiful goodbye
......... [The verses and chorus goes basically the same way.] Bridge [Continued from chorus]
G AGoodnight, my beautiful
G Em DGoodbye oh sweet angel of mine
G Em DGone to sail through the night
Bm A EIn my heart you'll always be
A E A7 A D AI hope that you'll remember me wherever you are
Bm A D Em D/F# G D G D A
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