Josh Pyke – Goldmines chords

			     GOLDMINES - Josh Pyke
Tabbed by: nickhgill

NB: This song has a few funny sounding chords, but is very easy to play. Just be 
sure to look at the chords I've put up in regards to how to play them as opposed 
to the diagrams that pop up when you scroll over their names.
Without trying to sound like a jerk, this is hopefully much more accurate and 
complete version of the song than the one currently available.

Am(add9)    x07500
G6          355430
Dm          x57765
E5          x799xx
C5          x355xx
F5          133xxx
D5          x577xx
Bb5         x133xx
A5          x022xx
Aadd9       x07600

After the intro, the three chords in the verse just repeat.

p=pull off
h=hammer on

Am(add9) Dark night, it's a dark night.
G6 DmAnd you can feel it, out with the big cats.
And there's a jaw trap, and there's a razor net. And it's a dark night, so paint your necks red, so we can see you. Vastness, there's a vastness, and it looks empty, but it's really full up to the brim. And you can taste it, like a battery on your tongue, electricity passing particle, to particle, to particle. Chorus
F And IĀ’m gonna need some proof,
Am GI'm gonna need some proof,
Dmso set your traps right before I lay my money out for you.
Verse Decision or indecision, is it safer to stay in the light where I can see them? But there was nothing there, but you could feel the hum And it could core you like an apple kid, or burn you 'til you turn to dust Chorus (play arpeggios for the bridge. When it reaches the A chord, it strums through A7, then A) Bridge
E5 C5Buzz saw in the ears for days
A5 F5And there's only so much a man can take
D Bb5 Abefore crack, crack, crack, cracking in.
Verse Car ride, we'll take a car ride, out to the country, to see the goldmines See where that hill ends? That's where it all began, and it was teeming then, now it's a fucking wasteland, and it's such a waste man. Chorus (Finish with bridge, then Aadd9)
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