Josh Ritter - Orbital tab

E Esus E?E|----0-----0----0---------------------|B|----0-----0----0---------------------|G|----1-----2----2---------------------|D|----2-----2----1---------------------|A|----2-----0----2---------------------|E|----0-----0----0---------------------|
Intro Riff: (slide between all notes)E|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|---9--12--9--7----9--12--9--7----9--12--9--7----9--7--5------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: E Esus x4 E E? E Esus So it was that everything E Esus That went to make up everything E Esus Was wrapped up tight inside a grain E E? Of great insistence E Esus Then someone gave the great command E Esus All things paired off for the dance E Esus The great to small the small to grand E E? Down to this instant And repeat for the rest of the song. Ooh! The hawk around the field mouse The love around a lover's mouth I find my mind in settling down In circuits round you The angels 'round their crowded pins The amber-waved electrons spin In planetary transits Round the ones they're bound to Ooh! Who do you circle round Who is it circles round you Is it circles round you? Who is it circles round you Do you circle round who It is circles round you? The ghost around the one it haunts The want around the thing that wants The way the mind just wanders off and then returns to The thought around the second thought Love or gravity or law Whatever name it's got it's got me Circling round you The guess around the second guess The hornet round the hornet's nest The wheel time the wheel fate The light that bends itself through space The light that with it carries time Which also bends in the same line Relative to point of view So when I catch a glimpse of you Every time you come around The room lights up And time slow tooooooooooooo! enjoy
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