Josh Rouse - These Long Summer Days tab

Artist - Josh Rouse
Album - She's Spanish, I'm American
Song - These Long Summer Days

Tabbed by: Keith

Taking a shot at this one as I don't see it anywhere else on the web. The guitar is 
and I could be off a bit, but this sounds like a nice arrangement to my ear. Easy to play 
you get your fingers used to the slightly unusual chords.

Tuning: Standard

The whole song follows this pattern:
E/A  B/E  E/A  B/E
A* B*

You're just going from an E to a B but using a more open fingering than the barre The bass is going from A to E, so pluck the open 5th & 6th strings to mimic that. E/A B/Ee|-7------0-----|B|-9------0-----|G|-9------8-----|D|-9------9-----|A|-0------9-----|E|-x------0-----|
For the A* & B* (probably not the right name), use these little triads. Just slide from A up to the B: A Be|-0------0-----|B|-5------7-----|G|-6------8-----|D|-7------9-----|A|-0------x-----|E|-x------x-----|
If you want to play the bass notes along with the triads, you can use your thumb on the string to get the A & B notes. You could play the A open as above, but I think it sounds this way since the B isn't open: A Be|-0------0-----|B|-5------7-----|G|-6------8-----|D|-7------9-----|A|-x------x-----|E|-5------7-----|
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